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Technical assistance for the concertation among projects approved in the Program Interreg MAC (ERDF), the European Development Fund (EDF) and other EU financial instruments in Mauritania, Senegal and Cape Verde

The Project HEXAGONE foresees the creation of a platform for dialogue and concertation between the authorities responsible for the ERDF and the EDF in the space of cooperation aiming at facilitating the use of resources from both Funds, as well as from other EU sources. The objective is to finance joint projects in the areas defined by the axes of the program Interreg and in accordance with the guidelines of the European Commission.

The main functions of this platform are:

• The concertation on the common areas of cooperation.
• Identification of coordinated projects and their modes of financing.
• The monitoring and evaluation of these proposals.
• The inventory of FED-ERDF-funded projects.

The platform counts with the participation of all members of the strategic projects, the management authority of the Program and the representatives of the EU delegations in the participant African countries. In accordance with the guidelines of the European Commission, the platform should be as inclusive as possible and, therefore, the plenaries meetings with be attended by regional correspondents of the ERDF, representatives of the General Directorates REGIO / DEVCO of the European Commission, observers, and other entities that could be relevant to this consultation.

Plenary meetings will take place at least once a year. In addition, general or thematic meetings will be organized for more reduced and oriented projects or sectors in each of the participant countries.

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