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Identification of the Project "Leading the West African fisheries companies toward sustainable fishing practices". 

The purpose of the assignment was to design a Project on financial solutions for West African fishing companies interested in the MSC certification program. The main objective of the mentioned Project is to build the basements of a larger program – The MSC Sustainable Fisheries Program – which will support and provide assistance to these companies in their journey toward sustainable fishing practices and, eventually, MSC certification.

Three fisheries in two countries were selected: deep-sea shrimp trawl and live bait tuna in Senegal, and pink lobster, with traps, in Cabo Verde.

The consultancy work was intended to:

(i) describe the fisheries selected, in the context of the MSC standard.
(ii) have a broad overview of company return on investment in the specified fisheries.
(iii) broadly understand the costs involved in progressing these fisheries towards certification and the potential additional returns for the companies.
(iv) outline financial solutions, opportunities and mechanisms to support the companies pathway towards marketing certified product.
(v) design a project, including financial proposal, to support the fisheries and companies towards MSC certification.

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