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Project MedFish "Fisheries towards sustainability" Mid-term evaluation and formulation of the steps forward for future stages 

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) jointly launched the Medfish project to carry out a rigorous and comprehensive analysis of French and Spanish Mediterranean fisheries using the MSC Fisheries Standard as a benchmark for sustainability. This project is part of the MSC and WWF commitment towards fisheries sustainability in the Mediterranean and aims to inspire replication in other countries of the region.

In order to reach the goals, MedFish was structured in three phases

Phase 1: Improving the understanding of the French and Spanish Mediterranean fisheries. This stage included a fast scan (600 fisheries) and the mapping of 97 fisheries. Delivered outputs were: 2 national scanning reports, 2 national mapping reports and 14 fishery factsheets.
Phase 2: Elaboration of 14 pre-assessments and two global summary reports that provide a baseline determination of how fisheries perform against the MSC standard, allowing for the identification of gaps in performance and areas needing improvement.
Phase 3: Based on the pre-assessments, conclusion of 14 action plans aiming at providing stakeholders with tools to implement changes and, eventually, to undertake Fisheries Improvement Projects.

The purpose of this mid-term external evaluation was to identify and analyst lessons learnt from the first phases of the project and to inform the formulation of the steps forward for future stages.

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