Industry, commercialization and consumption

Thanks to its twenty years of experience Canaest has developed a profound knowledge of the fishing industry and the commercialization and consumption of fish products.

Our experience in market studies covers very different areas geographically as well as sectorial:

  • Étude sur l'interaction entre produits nationaux et importés dans les marchés des pays méditerranéens de l'UE (Projet WWF – UE "Fish Forward")
  • Guinea Bissau: Value-chain analysis of the main fish products. World Bank
  • Europe: Market study of sea bass and sea bream, Production and market study of bluefin tuna in France and Italy
  • Senegal: Real state market, tourism, fisheries, construction, food sector, new technologies, renewable energies and solid waste.
  • Mauritania and Cape Verde: Business opportunities study
  • Spain: Aquaculture products commercialization, Consumption studies of certain fish and crustacean species . Study of Pangasius spp distribution in Spain
  • Canary Island: Real state market in Las Palmas, Cheese in Northwest Grand Canary, Image of the service of municipal buses in Las Palmas, Bulletin of the industrial and commercial business context in Canaries, Ship repairs sector, Innovative enterprises studies.

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