Promoting sustainability

Very often aid for development public interventions consist on infrastructure construction and installation of equipment. In these cases it is the interest of donors and beneficiaries guarantying that:

a) The installations foreseen are in accordance to real needs and external factors and conditions: Ex-ante evaluation studies

b) Execution will be accomplished accurately and in due time: Execution system proposal

c) The exploitation will be economically feasible: feasibility plan

d)The installations management system can ensure its sustainability: Management system proposal

Recent experience of Canaest in these fields is represented by the following technical assistances:

  • Fisheries infrastructure in Mogadishu, Kismayo and Bosaso (Somalia). Financial and Economic assessments (FAO)
  • Ex-ante technical evaluation and proposition of project execution  system and management model of fish refrigeration and conservation installations for artisanal fisheries in Senegal for P4R Apertura Española
  • Feasibility study  for the future fishing port of Bandim, Guinea Bissau. Plan of assistance to Guinea Bissau Fisheries Sector (AFBD)
  • Feasibility study for the development of new  fishing-tourism activities in the communities of Arguineguin and Mogan in the frame of the project “Pescatur 09”
  • Definition of  the management model and implementation of fisheries port of Bandim in the frame of the Plan of assistance to Guinea Bissau Fisheries Sector (AFBD)


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