Identification, formulation, execution and evaluation

The Canaest-Consulting team works in consonance with the identification, formulation, execution and evaluation methodologies consolidated by the best practises and following up the guidelines recommended by the EU, OCDE and AECI.

Some of the most significant projects are:

  • Project MedFish "Fisheries towards sustainability" Mid-term evaluation and formulation of the steps forward for future stages (MSC / WWF)
  • Final external evaluation of the West Africa Regional Fisheries Project (WARFP-Cabo Verde, World Bank)
  • Final evaluation of the Project "Reinforcement of marine fisheries in the Southeast of Haiti" Government of Haiti / AECID
  • Final evaluation of the Project "Increasing the Namibian population' access levels to fish consumption" Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust
  • Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) Project "Development of Sustainable Tuna Fisheries in Pacific ACP Countries - Phase 2 (DevFish2 )"
  • Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) Project "Creation of a fishing cooperative as an engine for sustainable development in the region of Cacine, Guinea Bissau"
  • Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) Project "Scientific Support for the Management of Coastal and Oceanic Fisheries in the Pacific Islands Region (SciCOFish)"
  • Final evaluation of the Program "Support to Fisheries and Aquaculture Sectors in the Region of Puno, Peru" (Fondo de Cooperación Hispano Peruano)
  • Ex-ante evaluation of the project "Pêche Artisanale" . Agency for Partnership Progress. Millenium Challenge Corporation.
  • Final evaluation of the project "For a rational and sustainable developement of the fishing sector". International Labour Office.
  • Final evaluation of the Program “Technical Assistance for the Improvement of the Maritime and Fisheries Training Levels at Namibian Maritime and Fisheries Institute (NAMFI)” AECID
  • Identification and formulation of Phase II of the project "Support of Artisanal Fisheries in Senegal". Spanish State Society P4R.
  • Evaluation of the Official Cooperation of the Canarian Autonomous Region in Mauritania. Canarian Government
  • Mid-term evaluation of project “Integrated fisheries development pole in Tiguent”, Mauritania. ( Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affaires )
  • Evaluation of the application of structural funds of the European Union in the Canary fishing sector.
  • Evaluation of the impact of specific measures adopted in favour of Europe outermost regions (Canary islands)

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