Valuing of the natural and cultural heritage

At present any activity carried out at sea or with an impact on the marine environment must aim at being ecologically sustainable and socially and economically viable. This environment must be considered as an ecosystem in which different activities and stakeholders are integrated.

For this reason, Canaest has a technical group and collaborators capable of rendering consulting services with respect to Integrated Coastal Zone Management, marine biodiversity and conservation of the environment, and also with respect to the socio-economic and institutional dimension of the marine and coastal activities.

The creation of Marine Protected Areas is one of the key points in the political agenda of the United Nations, European Union, governments and fisheries and environmental agreements. Canaest Consulting participates in this process bringing forth technical assessment in any of the aspects and instruments of planning and management of Marine Protected Areas.

The basic premise is that the participation of the local communities in the designing process and the management of these areas is essential to ensure positive results sustainable at a long term.


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